The Work in Session

The foundation of my practice is in the relationship we forge together.  Whatever my clients present with is where we begin and who knows what will unfold as we stay present to whatever arises. I use the guidance of my professional training as a clinical psychologist, over 25 years in private practice and my own Psychospiritual journey to inform our sessions.

The work includes:

Resolving the Past:

  • Family conditioning and childhood issues.
  • Grief and developmental trauma.
  • Depression and anxiety.

Living in the present:

  • Cognitive Behavioural strategies
  • Relationship issues.
  • Parenting and family dynamics.
  • Chronic pain and physical issues.
  • weight-loss coaching
  • Death and dying.
  • Workplace and professional supervision.
  • Life coaching.
  • Mindfulness and moment to moment practices.
  • Meditation instruction.

The big questions:

  • What is my true nature?
  • What is my path in life?
  • What is the point of existence?
  • Is there something more to life; how can I feel fulfilled?
  • How can I lead a spiritual life in the world?

60 minutes consultation sessions:

  • One on one, or couples
  • in person for Wellington based clients
  • Skype for out of Wellington and internationally based clients
  • Text coaching where appropriate
  • Formal practices: Sitting, Standing, Eating and Walking meditations
  • Body work/movement practices include elements of Qi Gong, Feldenkrais and Yoga
  • Mindfulness in Daily life
  • Session fee: $180 or $200 for couples.
  • Payment options: cash, cheque or internet banking
  • Cancellations are charged unless 24 hours notice given

Phone + 64 021 2484 666 to discuss an appointment or email


One thought on “The Work in Session

  1. Hi Kate, thanks for ‘liking’ my Blog – I am hosting an event in Bali next year 10-13 June 2016. This will be perfect for you with your line of business. There is also the opportunity to speak.

    If you are interested please come back to me at

    Looking forward to hearing back from you soon,

    Kind Regards Otila


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