Meta Psychology

“Our listening creates a sanctuary for the homeless parts within another person.” – Rachel Naomi Remen

Meta psychology;


Teaching how to unify the self of psychology with the soul of the spirit whilst being grounded in the body and subsequently, the world. Exploring into what is really present now.
This entails transforming our psychological conditioning and bringing mindfulness into daily life. It includes bringing awareness to our present experience with compassionate understanding. Learning how to relax into a confident acceptance of what is arising utilising the knowledge of modern psychodynamic therapy and body focussed inquiry with the wisdom and teachings of the great religions and mythologies.

Our metapsychology is based not only on a knowledge of the self, with its ego and its subsystems, or its overt behaviour, but also the soul/spirit/true nature. This higher ground of understanding, a meeting of the psychological and the spiritual, is also a facet of a larger integration, one that also integrates it with the scientific method and its view of the world. A world that is in turn connected to our spiritual unfolding.

 “The experience of self-realization, of knowing oneself as self-pervasive consciousness, is felt experientially as an exquisite sense of intimacy. The self-existing consciousness experiences itself so immediately that it is completely intimate with its reality. The intimacy is complete because there is no mediation in the self’s experience of itself. We feel an exquisite stillness, a peace beyond all description, and a complete sense of being truly ourselves. We are so totally ourselves that we feel directly intimate with every atom of our consciousness, completely intimate with and mixed with our true identity. The contentment is like settling down peacefully at home after eons of restless and agonized wandering. Clarity and peace combine as the feeling of exquisite, contented intimacy, which is totally independent of the particulars of our situation, beyond the conceptual confines of time and space. The peace and contentment do not come from accomplishing anything, nor are they a result of anything. They are part of the actual feeling of being truly ourselves. We are not only intimate with ourselves, but our very presence is intimacy.” ~ A H Almaas From The Point of Existence: Transformation of Narcissism in Self-Realization

With special acknowledgment to the teachings of Lama Mark Webber, A.H. Almaas, Sandra Maitri, Adyashanti and the expert guidance of Victoria Young, Mary Lane Dodd and Kay Allen among many others.

One hour sessions: Inquiry, insight and guidance

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